Why Global HR Consultant

There are a number of reasons why we believe that we can effectively partner with an organization like yours.

At Global HR Consultant, we not only provide recruitment consultancy services to our clients but also give the applicants a perfect platform to get their dream jobs. We can help our clients to get the suitable candidates, cultivate them and retain them. Our comprehensive recruitment and staffing solutions as HR consultant ensure the delivery of profitable propositions for your workforce requirements.

We have adopted the international practices and procedures that are designed to attract and hire the best talent available in the market; thereby offering the best employee recruitment. We provide our client companies with not only a set of candidates, but also discussion on best-fit market availability, comparative benchmarking and a comfort knowing. Our online recruitment solutions are the best in the market today.

Some of the extra steps that we take to build a lasting relationship are:
• Coherent & Constructive
We begin by talking our strengths to our client company, taking the time and trouble to understand its core values and develop a detailed brief process completely tailored to the task in hand.

• Insight & Understanding
Our consultants have practical experience of a broad spectrum of industries and commercial activities, and in addition, are able to draw on our wide-ranging knowledge base to provide real insight and understanding of your particular requirements.

• Innovative & Evolving
We are always looking to improve our service still further and to meet the changing needs of our clients, we have introduced a range of resources for developing people, undertaking skills audits, ability appraisal and psychometric profiling, provide dedicated assessment centers and assist in team management, training and role appreciation.

• Professional, Timely & Quality Driven
We approach each assignment with humility to learn and a passion to deliver the extra bit that we know we are capable of.

• Tried & Tested
Candidates tell us we are the most friendly, confidential, professional and quality driven recruitment consultancy. We work with some of the best corporate in the country.

Recruitment Methodology

We follow a carefully structured recruitment and selection process, which starts right from understanding the clients' needs and functions all the way to follow-ups with both clients and candidates post recruitment. A brief description of the different stages involved in our recruitment process is given below: -

In the planning stage, we evaluate the needs and requirements of our clients to determine the required set of skills, understand organizational behavior and relationships. This forms an integral part of our customer-focused recruitment services. Working as a cohesive team with our client, we identify the required experience and other characteristics, which are necessary for the successful candidate.

We select those candidates, who fit in well with the company's plan. In order to ensure the best recruitment online of a suitable candidate, we give prime consideration to the company's existing business activities, business plans, work-culture, structures, systems and future plans. We concentrate on the job description, its key result areas, opportunities, career implications, location, salary and benefits.

The initial planning enable us in identifying the needs of both the company as well as the candidates, which further leads us to deciding on a search strategy to target on specific skills, education, personality and experience. It is because of this comprehensive and strategic planning, we are today one of the most sought after recruitment agencies in the market.

Field Research
The Field research is one of the primary aspects of effective recruitment services. It provides us an in-depth understanding of the requirement and identifying the core competency involved. After this process, we start the search to identify the potential candidates either from our own existing database or from database-sourcing agencies or by advertising for the position.

The screening stage consists of several phases including, preliminary interviews, short-listing of candidates, reference checks and client interviews.

• Preliminary Interviews
For preliminary interviews, we select the potential candidates on the basis of prior work experience, qualifications, strength and weaknesses and the ability of candidate to fit into the work-culture and ethics of the client organization. The potential candidates are contacted and interviewed to find out their interest and suitability.

• Short listing
The preliminary interviews result out in short-listing of highly qualified and potential candidates. Confidential candidate reports are generally prepared and submitted to our clients. Client is free to further shortlist candidates based on the reports submitted. Finally our client specifies the convenient date and time for the interview.

• Reference Checks
The shortlisted candidate’s employment history, work performance, punctuality and general work attitude are verified during reference check. The information gathered and evaluated during this process is then reviewed with the client.

• Client Interviews
After the reference check, we schedule a meeting between the short-listed candidates and the client. The consultant asks both the client and the candidates for the feedback after every interview.

The closure stage consists of Negotiation & Offer, Follow-Up / Progress and In-Touch.

• Negotiation & Offer
We actively participate in the negotiation process including compensation. Both the client and the candidates draw on our in-depth knowledge of market compensation and benefits in order to discuss and plan a competitive and equitable package.

• Follow Up / Progress
Understanding the importance of follow up / progress phase, we keep in contact with the candidate until the time he / she joins the company.

• In-Touch
After the successful candidate joining for a specified job, we keep an ongoing dialogue with both the candidate and the client. This In-Touch process ensures a smooth integration into the organization and accomplishment of targets and performance goals.

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