Our Services

Executive Search

Our candidate database, consistent market research, business and professional services intelligence systems are some of the tools that enable us to approach a better percentage of potential candidates, and track their careers. As a result, we always provide on-time, on-demand results to our clients, and with utmost cost-efficiency.

Effective executive search requires hands-on experience in the markets you serve. Our consultants offer extensive backgrounds and specific expertise in the industries of our focus. Our consultants serve clients through a highly specialized network in sectors and functional areas of expertise. Our consultants’ critical industry experience, local knowledge and unparalleled professional contacts ensure the highest levels of service - and most effective solutions for clients.

Permanent Placements

We work closely with you to define your requirements for the role, and to understand your environment and culture.

We can host open days, manage advert responses, carry out first interview stages, or arrange for you to conduct interviews off-site if required. We are proud of our strict selection criteria, from skill evaluation, personality assessment, to reference checks and assessment of corporate environment. We will go to that little bit extra to ensure we find you the most appropriate person.

Contractual Placements

We have an extensive database of skilled professionals, front-end & functional experts available for contract work in any vertical. We are successful in attracting candidates of the highest functional experts.

We lease candidates on assignment / task basis for short & medium term basis. This service provides organizations with a cost-effective option for project staffing and meeting the increasingly volatile market conditions.

We undertake all salary issuance, mandatory contributions, human resource documentation and record keeping.

Depending on experience, temporary job applicants undergo various tests and stringent screening processes before they are assigned to Clients’ offices.

Out Placements

We can provide your company effective out-placement services, with no minimum requirement in terms of the number of employees being offered Outplacement. We offer outplacement, whether you are downsizing to 1 or 100 employees.

Our approach to outplacement services is based on the belief that we can best serve a displaced employee by truly understanding their unique situation. To accomplish this, we provide each displaced employee with the personalized one-on-one attention and support they need.

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